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#ffbcn fàbrica futur barcelona




A movement that draws the future from Barcelona. The celebration of Creativity, Culture and Technology. The Barcelona of tomorrow, today.

Will #love be digital? Will we #travel from our sofas? Will we need to eat? What will the purpose of #art be?

#ffbcn fàbrica futur barcelona is an online platform ( that centralizes the most relevant content related to future and contemplating all the fields: articles, news, interviews to experts, citations… = A media that reflects the most significant content and changes in terms of future. A movement that gives voice, tools and methodology to young talent in order to innovate in different fields of knowledge. A team of experts guide their proposals and those are exposed in multiple conferences.

#ffbcn fàbrica futur barcelona is an online medium and a pool of innovative and brave talent that seeks to anticipate the future and bring about change. A call to proaction with two major axes: technology and creativity (=innovation).